10 comments on “Rehearsing a comeback, because not everything has been said

  1. Welcome Back, and so good to see you writing again. I always looked forward to your entries all year long… When you parted, I felt i had lost a part of you… Miss you like Crazy tooooo…

  2. I like the stars as the background, Guess I really am your Diamond!… πŸ˜‰

    I need to find a new blog page, for my own “Philosophy of Love” Writings. I used WordPress long ago as a practise but couldnt navigate myself around it well… Unless I start another, and you help me, as in doing the backgrounds and where to find them from. You can always email me suggestions… Pls My BadBoy Sexy Boy… But i would also like to hand write my entries into a beautifully crafted journal to keep always…

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